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Rehearsals underway

I've neglected to write over the last month about getting back into the audition circuit. With the new little guy, acting has of course had to take a back seat, but this fall I decided to starting inching my way back in. Earlier this fall I auditioned for Hamlet at Theatre in the Round, my first time trying out for them. I didn't make it but I enjoyed getting out and auditioning for someplace I haven't before. And with over 100 actors vying for parts I wasn't terribly surprised at not being cast. The audition went fine, but I could tell at the time I hadn't done anything to make myself stand out from the reams of equally competent actors.

A week or two after that I decided to audition for the holiday show at Lakeshore Players, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (a very loose adaptation of the Twain novel). Having done the holiday show in previous years I know it makes for a fun yet slightly more low-key commitment than other shows, a good thing for me right now (this show will probably run only 40-45 minutes, so it's shorter even than usual for this slot). Later that week I found that I had been cast in the role of Merlin, who in this version works with Morgan Le Fey to bring down Camelot. Apparently Dr. Volt did wonders for my credentials as an over-the-top, evil villain. :D

We've actually had two weeks of rehearsal so far (yes, that's how negligent I've been in keeping up with the blog) and it's going well so far. A few of the kids I know from The Hanging of the Greens two years ago are in the show as well, which is directed by Jan Arford (Pinella the witch in Greens). So the show is making for a fun diversion in what "laughingly passes as my spare time" (as my grad school adviser Jim Kakalios liked to say), which has been even more laughingly short as I endeavor to continue that great November tradition: NaNoWriMo!

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