T. James Belich

"Edelsha" now available on the Kindle

At long last my fantasy novel Edelsha, and the Tale of the Third Ring is now available on the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle price is just $2.99 and even if you don't have a Kindle, there are Kindle apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, etc. (You can also still buy a physical version or a PDF version on Lulu.com.)

The cover and description for Edelsha are below. So (insert shameless plug here) support your local independent author and buy a copy. It's a fun read, I promise. :D

p://www.playwrighting.org/blogs/media/blogs/openwardrobes/edelsha_coverimage.gif" alt="" title="" width="179" height="251" />

Edelsha, and the Tale of the Third Ring
Swept suddenly into the fantastical world of Edelsha, Geoff enters a land plagued by civil war within and growing threats without. The hopes of the battered kingdom, and the young princess who rules it, all rest upon Geoff's fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. And so the quest for the third ring of Shalamanar thrusts the young hero unprepared into a world filled with dragons, goblins, and evils without name. With only the panther Sylran, the gryphon Wehrya, and the dryad Amyla to aid him, Geoff must battle against the sinister designs of a centuries-old enemy who desires all of Edelsha for his own. Stories within stories help weave together this tale of adventure, friendship, and sacrifice.

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